Well-rounded is an understatement.

As a designer-developer "unicorn," I'm having trouble figuring out what to call myself.
Current possibilities: Web Engineer, Creative Developer, Front End Designer, Web Animator, Digital Storyteller, Web Motion Designer, UX Developer...

Candice Dunlap Miller

Regardless of titles, what I do blurs the line between designing and coding. If a thing needs to be done, I figure out how to do the thing.

I'm constantly expanding my skills and experience; bringing my creativity to my work. I joined Capital One in December 2018 as a Software Engineer.

Additional skills:

Graphic Design (Digital/Print)
Web Design & Front-End Development
Marketing Campaigns (Digital/Print)
Photography & Digital Image Retouching
Digital Video Editing

If you're interested in working together or want more info, please contact me or stalk me on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Check out my resume here.

Side note - All work done for individual companies is property of those companies.

Fiber Art

In my spare time, I make things with yarn. Check out the Crochet section of this site for more info, or find me on Ravelry.