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Recent Projects

The Yarnsoka

A knitting pattern three years in-the-making.

(Not to be confused with my cosplay handle, "Yarnsoka.")

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Space Kitty

Knitting Pattern

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2018 Her Universe Fashion Show Finalist

(Crocheted) Convor Couture at SDCC 2018

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#yarnsoka v2 - Rebels

Ahsoka Tano Rebels Crochet Cosplay

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Debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2017!

Baltimore Comic Con Costume Contest Winner 2016

Grand Prize in the Craftsman Category

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San Diego Comic Con #yarnsoka

Check out my #sdcc2016 experience.

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Ahsoka Tano Crochet Cosplay

Completely Crocheted!

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2015 #365dayproject Crochet Skyscarf

I spent all of 2015 making one scarf.
Not kidding.

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Noro Hexagon Blanket 2014

I spent a lot of money and time making a gorgeous blanket that I never want to use because I'm afraid I'll hurt it.

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