Convor Crochet pattern

Inspired by Morai, Ahsoka's Convor (Owl) friend from Star Wars Rebels

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Materials & Tools


  • E 3.25mm (for most of the pattern)
  • G 4.25mm (for wings)


  • Green: Knit Picks Brava Worsted Peapod (top of head) OR Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Fern
  • Tan: Knit Picks Brava Worsted Fig (eyes, wings trim, tail, feet)
  • Taupe: Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted Solids Chinchilla (beak)
  • Mottled Brown: Lion Brand Heartland Grand Canyon (bottom body)
  • White: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in White
  • Mint: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport Sagebrush (ears)



(Uses American Terminology)

  • chain (ch)
  • FSC (Foundation Single Crochet)
  • SC (Single Crochet)
  • FDC (Foundation Double Crochet)
  • MC6: make a magic circle, 6 sc in circle.
  • Inc: 2sc in same stitch
  • BO: Bind off.


  • Make body parts first, then make the body.
  • The body is worked in the round first, then switches to back and forth while changing colors and slip stitching as needed. This is to ensure that the color lines don’t slant. It also eliminates a ton of cutting/knotting or need to carry the yarn through. It’s basically the same as working a flat row, you just slip stitch once you get to the end of the previous row.

Assembly order (how I did it), attach to body with finishing needle

  • green pieces
  • eyes and side-eye pieces
  • beak
  • ears
  • stuff / finish body
  • wings
  • tail
  • feet


Body parts

Eye Circles (2) in Fig
- MC6
- Inc in each (12) BO.

    To add to body:
  • insert plastic eyes in center hole (might need to loosen)
  • weave in eye-ends.
  • place eyes onto body

Eye Trim Pieces (2) in Fig
- FHDC x 4, FSC x 2

Mint Ears (2) in Sagebrush
- 4 FDC

Top Head Piece in Fern/Peapod
- 3 FDC

Beak/Mouth (2) in Chinchilla
- ch3, turn, sc, ch1. Bo.
- Leave long tail on each side.

Feet (2) in Fig
1. ch12, turn.
2. sc x 6, ch3, sc x 2.
3. Turn, sc to beginning stitch.
4. Sew to shape of talons with sl stitches when attaching to the body. (fold in half)

Tail (spiral) in Fig
1. FSC x 30. ch1, turn.
2. Inc in each stitch to end.

Wings (G Hook)
(inside white, outside Fig)
- make 2 white, 2 Fig.
- ch1 counts as a stitch.

  1. ch6
  2. sc in 2nd stitch from hook, sc x 3, sl stitch in last. Turn.
  3. ch1, sc x 2, inc, sc, ch4. Turn.
  4. sc in 2nd stitch from hook, sc x 3, 3sc in same stitch, sc, sl st. Turn.
  5. ch1, sc, 3sc in same stitch, sc x 5, ch4. Turn.
  6. sc in 2nd stitch from hook, sc x 7, 3sc in same stitch, sl st. Turn.
  7. >ch1, sc, 3sc in same stitch, sc x 9, ch4. Turn.
  8. sc in 2nd stitch from hook, sc x 11, 3sc in same stitch, sc, sl st. BO.

To assemble:
- block them to spread them out.
- sew in ends - hold white and fig pieces together, SC around with Fig. (2sc in turns/tips of wings) BO.
- make a left wing and a right wing.


With green: and E hook: (work 1-7 in the round)
  1. MC6
  2. Inc in each (12)
  3. 3. inc, sc around (18)
  4. inc, sc x 2 (24)
  5. inc, sc x 3 (30)
  6. inc, sc x 4 (36)
  7. green: sc x 18, switch to white: sc x 18.
Repeat these two rows 7 times total
  • Worked back and forth, NOT in the round! This allows you to hide the yarn on the inside while also achieving straight lines of color.
  • Be sure to put the yarn on the inside when changing colors each time.
  1. white: ch1, turn. sc x 18. (switch to green in last stitch)
    green: sc x 18, slip stitch in 1st white stitch.
  2. green: ch1, turn. sc x 18. (switch to white in last stitch)
    white: sc x 18, slip stitch to first green stitch.
  3. through 21: as 8 & 9
weave in ends/knot them if needed. also partially stuff and attach eyes/beak/green pieces
  1. [dec, sc x 4] around. (30)
  2. starting with green, sc x 15, switch to white, sc x 15. (30)
  3. starting with white: ch1, turn. sc x 15, switch to green, sc x 15. (30)
  4. ch1, turn. [dec, sc x 3] around. *Switch to mottled brown instead of white. (24)
  5. with brown: ch1, turn. sc x 12, switch to green. sc x 12. (24)
  6. green: sl st, ch1, turn. sc x 12. switch to brown: sc x 12. (24)
  7. with brown” ch1, turn. [dec, sc x 2] around, switch to green when needed. (18)
stuff more completely
  1. [dec, sc] around (12)
  2. dec around and seal. (change colors as needed)

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