“Yarnsoka” @ #sdcc 2016

San Diego Comic Con!

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San Diego Comic Con 2016

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Paste Magazine's Best of Day 3

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Dave Filoni Tweet (and FB)

Ashley Eckstein's (@heruniverse) Instagram Repost


@heruniverse Fashion Show 2016 Thursday, 7/21/16

I decided to wear the headpiece at the last minute along with my "Ahsoka Lives" shirt and ended up walking the runway during intermission and meeting Ashley Eckstein afterwards, along with popping up in various @instagram feeds.

Image from Dave Finloni's Twitter but was taken by someone on the street! Let me know who you are!

The Lego dress....

I look less than thrilled, but was awesome to sit down after walking all day!

My view of the line

Meeting Ashley Eckstein!

(You can totally see the "I love your dress/outfit" moments from both of us)

EW Panel (Friend went to)

My friend met Ashley and got her to sign a picture for me!!!

and got some photos of the back of the dress!

Geek Fashion Panel (& Before!) on Saturday, 7/21/16

I wore the whole cosplay to the panel and met Ashley before the panel started. ;D

Tony Kim (Hero Within) has links to the recorded panel here, and I'm randomly in his SDCC blog post. (I'm tiny, like Where's Waldo? tiny.)

SDCC 2016 Ahsoka Tano Cosplay Photos & Press

Wandered over into the Star Wars area (because of course)

@instagram friends

All the pictures!

Thanks for the photo, Bill!

My friends!

Met @ThatSelenaJones and didn't even realize it


The oil-based makeup was the worst! (I got it out of the yarn with Shout pre-treater)

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