“Yarnsoka” v2

Ahsoka Tano Rebels Cosplay

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Lightsabers Ravelry Project  

Pattern coming soon!

Lightsaber and Shoto were maid from basket-cord, yarn, cardboard, polycarbonate tube, foam pieces, and duct tape.

Convor Ravelry Project  

Get the pattern here!

Ahsoka's little convor friend is a custom amigurumi.

Headpiece Ravelry Project  

The main show-piece. I had way too many photos, so visit the project page!

Dress Ravelry Project  

The dress was the first thing I made, it's the foundation garment for the body pieces. Made of granny circles and squares.

Arms Ravelry Project  

The arm pieces were done in layers. Gray for base, then sewed the other pieces on.

Boots Ravelry Project  


The boot spats were made as rectangles, then I freehanded the top/middle pieces and reinforced them with felt. I attached the front-flaps to my boots with snaps sewn onto the shoelaces, and used magnet-buttons for the under-boot pieces.

Belt & Armor Ravelry Project  

I cut patterns out of tissue paper after many alterations, and crocheted the shapes to match them. I ended up having to redo the back-middle because the first attempt was a little too short. Sewed the pattern onto each, and reinforced them all with felt.

The belt was freehanded to the size I needed, then I secured one end by sewing and the other end with buttons so it's adjustable.


I'm not the best seamstress, but I can figure things out. The gloves were the hardest part. And what underdress doesn't need pockets???

They were "helping"

I couldn't find matching oranges for the gloves!

Tried to make arm socks, but the shoulder seam ripped.

Got some stretchy orange fabric

Fits around the shoulders!

Adding conductive thread to my gloves so I can still use my phone.

Pockets! (used a gray fabric ultimately)


Not using stencils this time, and trying out some new waterbased makeup because the oil-based makeup left such a mess on my headpiece. It still takes me about 1.5 hours to do my face because it's hard to make everything symmetrical. And hiding eyebrows is challenging.


Because nothing is ever done, I decided to make a "couture" skirt for the HerUniverse Fashion Show, turning my cosplay into a gown. #yarnsokacouture / #ahsokacouture