Stardust Cowl
Crochet pattern

Finished Measurements

25" wide x 8" tall (not including tassels)

Materials & Tools

  • Yarn A: 1 ball Loops and Threads Chunky Braid in Light Grey (or other super bulky yarn)
  • Yarn B: 1 ball Knit Collage Pixie Dust in Smokey Swirl (or other Jumbo art-type yarn)
  • P hook
  • Q hook
  • Finishing needles and scissors.

Stitches Used

(Uses American Terminology)


  • 1) With yarn A, FSC x 48. Turn.
  • 2) Ch2, insert hook through 2nd ch from hook and YO/pull through. Repeat until you have 6 loops on hook, then pull through all. Chain to tighten.
  • Pull up your active loop to get some looseness, then insert hook through the "eye" of the star. Insert hook through the cluster, then next 3 loops until you have 6 loops on hook. YO and pull through all, ch1. For better explanations on star stitch, see these (note that sometimes they chain 3 to start whereas I chained 2, it doesn't really matter as long as you end up with the right number of stitches.)
  • 1HDC in final stitch. Ch1 and turn.
  • 3)Skip 1st stitch, sc in each eye and cluster across. (48 stitches including chain)
  • 4) as Row 2
  • 5) as Row 3. on last SC, switch to yarn B and cut yarn A leaving a long (18"-ish) tail for later
  • 6) With Q hook and Yarn B, chain 1, sc in every other stitch.
  • 7-11) as row 6. On final row, pull yarn through last stitch and cut 6" tail.
  • For tassels: with remaining yarn, cut 12" pieces that have 2 dots on either side and a skinny part at the top/middle. Attach these to the bottom of the cowl in every other stitch. Fill in the front if you have some tassels left over.
  • Turn cowl inside out and sew the top-half together using the tail from before. (the Yarn A star section) Weave in all ends and return to right side out.
  • Push the poofy pieces through to to the right side, this will make it look much poofier!